Peace River

Florida Riparian Waterways Destroyed By Florida’s Phosphate Industry

The Peace River Valley watershed with all its tributaries, streams, bogs, marshlands, springs, and aquifers is considered by the state of Florida to be “navigable waterways” or “public domain.” (2) Navigable waterways are defined by their potential for “public use” in its unaltered state. Navigability does not rely on the water body’s actual use based on state law. These laws and regulations were passed at the time of Florida’s statehood in 1845. Florida does account for public use of all navigable waterways and has always encouraged their use for recreation, state commerce, and tourism.

Phosphogypsum Stack

Radio Active

Phosphogypsum stacks are 100's of feet tall and can be as large as a square mile. These stacks are full of slightly radio-active material and strong acids.

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