Phosphate Industry Practices

The Phosphate industry is destroying Florida's watersheds, lakes, aquifers, and rivers.

Florida's Public Trust Doctrine

Phosphate industry practices disrespect the sovereignty of the Public Trust Doctrine. Florida's phosphate industry practices also illustrates the industry's cavalier attitude concerning reclamation projects and is known to be poor environmental stewards of the Florida landscape.

Phosphate Mining Sinkholes

Phosphate Mining Sinkholes

In the southwestern part of the county, fluctuations in water use related to phosphate mining have had a major impact on ground-water levels. United States Geological Survey (USGS), believes areas prone to sinkholes are located under the southwest central Florida earth and can be induced by large amounts of water consumption (Phosphate Strip Mines). This area covers over a thousand square miles in southwest central Florida.


Poor Environmental Stewards

Over the past seventy years, Florida’s phosphate industry let many man-made severe environmental accidents occur one after another. Insidiously causing serious environmental impacts to pristine “one of a kind” ecological regions of Florida.

Phosphate Is Radio-Active

Phosphogypsum Stacks Cover Central Florida

Phosphogypsum Stack

Radio Active

Phosphogypsum stacks are 100's of feet tall and can be as large as a square mile. These stacks are full of slightly radio-active material and strong acids.

Phosphate Overburden (Waste)

Phosphate Spoil Piles

In 2003 the Florida phosphate industry as a whole, strip mined (4,501) acres of virgin Florida natural treasures.